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About our company

Come Join our Family of Happy and Faithful Customers -We're Family Owned and Operated!



       You're joining a family of 2 Generations of Appliance Repair Professionals. As long term experts in appliance repair, we ensure that each service call meets your satisfaction. We provide "Total" customer service before and after. We are in continual communication with our technician crews to ensure continuity of quality through out each and every service call. Our multi-skilled employees provide years of diverse experience and our abilities are vast, responding to all major brands of household appliances.

        Something we find important in our employees is not only a good work ethic but to enjoy this line of work. We can tell you that our technicians love this work, not only is it work but its there hobby. Our technicians are professional and experienced especially in this line of work. We are family owned and the owner of the company still goes on calls daily just because he enjoys it so much. This family company will not be going anywhere and will always be loyal to its customers. Our company started around 1990 and has been going strong since then. As said before we are two generations of Appliance Repair Professionals we took over a company and the customers a number of years ago.

Booking an appointment is simple just give us a call at 

(407) 859-8050 and we’ll walk you through the process.

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