Garbage Disposal Common Problems


it is time to speak of one of the minor appliances of a home: the garbage disposal. It is one of those appliances we don’t think much about until they break down and start giving us problems like not draining the sink or not grinding the food that we throw into it. But when these problems start, we want a solution fast.

Problems with a garbage disposal can be stressful and annoying. The most common ones are that the garbage disposal turns on and makes a humming noise but nothing moves, and there is also the case where the garbage disposal is just not working at all.

When a garbage disposal is not working, as in it does not turn on or make a humming noise, there might be an electrical problem. It could be the case that it is not plugged in or that the circuit breaker has tripped. Check to make sure that nothing has bumped the plug of that the breaker is not tripped, sometimes this is the cause of this problem.

If everything looks fine in the electrical department look for the garbage disposal reset button on the underside of the appliance. This button will be popped out if the appliance has reset itself. To fix this press the reset button for a number of seconds, this should get the garbage disposal up and running again.

If none of these steps get the garbage disposal to start up again, there is probably a faulty switch or the garbage disposal itself might be defective. For this repair you would have to call a professional appliance company to repair or replace it.

The second problem that we mentioned was that the garbage disposal was not working but it was making a humming noise. If your garbage disposal is doing this it means that the fly wheel is stuck. This is a problem that can cause the circuit breaker to trip and the garbage disposal to reset. Now, it is a problem that should be taken care of by an experienced technician but there are many online articles that will help you do it yourself, just remember to take all of the necessary safety precautions.

Remember that with every appliance, regular maintenance should be done to it and the necessary precautions should be taken when using the appliances as well. This will insure that your appliances are working the way they should be. And if you need any repairs made to keep the performance of your appliances at the top level you know who to call.

AC Money Saving Tips


Here in Florida we greatly appreciate our AC's. Whether it is in the summer and we need them to cool us down after a long, hot day or in the winter to warm up the cold nights, in Florida we need AC's. As a result of this we need to know more ways to save energy and money with our AC’s.

There are many easy and inexpensive ways to do this. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of regular maintenance to keep the appliance running in tip top shape, though there may be times when you may need service from a professional AC repair company to perform an annual check up on the unit.

 1.) Use your thermostat wisely. Most people have the habit of setting their thermostat to the temperature for the whole day and leaving it there forever.  If you have an AC unit that is controlled by the inside thermostat, take advantage of the control this gives you. You can save energy by turning up the temperature during the day when no one is in the house and setting the temperature back to the desired degree in the evenings. When at home you can set the temperature to 78 degrees to keep cool without the energy costs.

 2.) Check the filter. No matter what type of AC unit you have, every unit has a filter. A dirty filter will cause your AC to spend more energy trying to cool down your home and as a result more of your money will be wasted when the electricity bill comes by every month. Check your filter every month and be prepared to change it every three months.

 3.) Get professional help. Most homes here in Florida have central air units; if this is your case as well you can have a professional technician give it a check up annually. This will highlight any problems or factors that may be affecting your unit's efficiency.

 4.) Research, decide purchase. If you are thinking of changing your AC unit or upgrading from a window unit to a central air unit make sure to do the right research first. Research all the brands and what is best for you and your house, get advise from professionals that can tell you what size unit your home needs and search for energy star brands. 

When it comes to the air conditioning we cannot afford to live without one, use these handy tips to be able to afford living with one and staying cool and warm throughout the year.

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